Can I contact the Parkers personally?

Your emails are very important to us! Please feel free to send us a message at ministry@heartthirst.com.

Due to the fact that we are very busy, Alan as a professor at Southern Adventist University, and Nicole homeschooling our three children, we may not be able to reply immediately. We try to keep up with all of our correspondence from around the world, as we have time.

Can I receive personal counseling from Nicole?

Nicole is able to take only a limited number of appointments and we typically request a $50 donation for every hour spent in counseling.

Is Nicole a licensed counselor?

Nicole has her Masters in Biblical Counseling from Trinity Seminary but is not a licensed counselor for the state of Tennessee, nor does she accept medical insurance. With our current time constraints, we have chosen not to pursue counseling as a fulltime paid profession. If you are in need of a licensed counselor, please contact someone in your area.